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It is the leading wine province, and the name of the province’s capital city, founded in 1561. The province and city named for Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, a sixteenth-century Chilean governor (Mendoza was once a Chilean colony and belonged to what was called the Captaincy od Chile). Mendoza is about the size of New York State. Not all of this huge area is covered by vineyards, only 5 percent of the surface area of the province is planted with grapesvine.

Mendoza Producers & Wines

Pindal Organic Wines

Pindal represents the spiritual animal from the foothills of the Andes in South America. It is said that Pindals (Hummingbirds) bring wisdom form the elders and their love to live after they are gone. We believe our wines represent the spirit, culture and Organic focus of our old vines and our people.


Los Patos Reserva Malbec

Tango and Malbec are two ducks that inspired the name of the wine you have in your hands. These cute animals coexist with the abundant nature surrounding our winery , passing the days between the vineyards and the lagoon that distinguishes our park. Single, intense and voluminous nature.


RedPuro Organic Vineyards

RedPuro represents the spirit and passion of the red chested bread, colorful roosters from South America. These roosters are the guards of many farms, they are empowered with a great attitude and loyalty towards to their land. In our wines and our colors we look to share their passion with you.


Los Medanos Vineyards

In South America, Médanos refers to continental dunes, rolling hills coming down from the Andes mountains. Los Médanos represent the geographic setting of our vineyards. Naturally irrigated by the meltdown from the Andes, these wines are craftily made from vines over 8o+