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Quinta Das Bageiras

Created in 1989, Quinta das Bageiras is a work of family passion for the vine and the first wine company in Bairrada, after a 20 year leave of winemaking in the region. With the support of his father Abel and vineyards from both his grandparents from his mother and father’s sides, Sergio obtained 12 hectares and used selling to bulk producers and created Quinta das Bageiras. Later 16 hectares were added, and always in the best terroir of Bairrada. The conviction of Mário Sérgio is simple: “I wanted our wines to be made with traditional methods, without giving in to the manipulation of viticulture and oenology, which is constant. That’s why all our grapes are harvested by hand, why our reds are made without the addition of added yeasts, and our sparkling wines have no residual sugar. I believe that quality without identity is worthless. Thus, we respect wine as it respects us and we have dedicated 3 generations of ourselves, to this passion.


The Bageiras vineyards are located in a low flat area, with clay and sandy soils. The ideal area for white and sparkling wines.


Mário Sérgio

The Wines

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