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Spain – Rioja

For more than a century, Rioja has been considered Spain’s preeminent wine region. The vineyards, running for 75 miles along both banks of the Ebro River, cover more than 157,000 acres in the remote interior of northern Spain. Behind them, craggy mountains stand in desolation. While white and rose wines are made here, the region’s fabled reputation is built almost exclusively on reds, all of which are based primarily on tempranillo grapes. Rioja is often referred to as Spain’s Bordeaux. 

Rioja Producers & Wines

Finca Valdeguine

In El Cortijo (La Rioja – Spain), one of the most recognized regions in the grape growing and wine making high expression, Valdeguinea Finca consolidates the winemaking tradition, collecting the work of three generations passionate about its vineyards and its wines.