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Quinta de Pacheca

Quinta da Pacheca, one of the best known estates in the Douro region, and was one of the first properties to bottle wine under its own label. The Pacheca name is from the original property owner’s name, D. Mariana Pacheco Pereira found on a dated document from April 1738; but it was only in 1903, when Dom José Freire de Serpa Pimentel, decided to develop his interest in oenology, that he bought the estate and began to seriously dedicate himself to the risky business of winemaking. Today, a century and many successors later, a brand-new generation of the Serpa Pimentel family has come forth.


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Maria Serpa Pimentel

The Wines

Quinta da pacheca Red/ Quinta da pacheca Reserve Red/ Quinta da Pacheca White