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Caves Sao Domingos

The Caves of Solar São Domingos have been producing sparkling wines and old spirits in Bairrada and Dão since 1937.  With over 2 million bottles of sparkling wine, thousands of wine bottles and hundreds of French Oak barrels for their famous wine derived spirits, they continue to lead the market in everlasting quality.  Constant innovation in production and winemaking methods have guaranteed this maintenance of quality and the prestige of the wines from São Domingos.  Oenotourism is another influence and every year thousands of visitors are dazzled by the beauty of the galleries that are excavated into the rock, the cellar filled with millions of bottles, and the museum, that doubles as their tasting room.  With over 80 years of passion and studying in winemaking, they are Pioneers of their region.   Honing their skills in show casing regional grape Baga, in all its stunning forms including; red, white, rose, in both sparkling and still.  


The clay-calcareous soils and proximity to the Atlantic coast create the unique flavors of São Domingos

Sub- Region

Mogofores// S. Mateus// Pedreira de Vilarinho// Ois//Vilarinho do Bairro




Susana Pinho

The Wines

São Domingos Red//São Domingos Reserve Red// São Domingos Grande Reserve//São Domingos Blanc du Blanc//São Domingos Medium Dry// São Domingos Baga Brut// São Domingos Red Brut// São Domingos Lopo de Freitas Brut// São Domingos Elpidio Brut// Aguardente Velhissima//Aguardente Velha// Aguardente Bagaceira