Velho Barreiro Cachaça

Founded in 1909 by a very traditional portuguese family, the distillery is located in Rio Claro in the beautiful and agricultural based country side of S?o Paulo. Farming and harvesting their own sugarcane in one of the best regions because of its ideal microclimate and soil. Velho Barreiro Cachaça is one of the top selling and more tradicional Cachaças in Brasil, recognized for its quality and also by its unique bottle.

Tasting Notes An excellent traditional cachaça from Velho Barreiro. An intense vegetal aroma, with lemon peel, green apple, and pear drops. Very clean and the perfect base to the national Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha.
Vinification/Maturation Our Cachaça is made from fresh fine sugar cane juice raised on our own farms. Using the top quality fermentation process, specific to producing Cachaça, the distillation is controlled by our master distiller in copper pot stills and only uses the heart of the distillate. It is then stored in large oak vats made of the Brazilian oak Jequitib , which imparts no flavor or color to the product.
Dão Region

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