//US Becomes Main Export Market For Portuguese Wine

US Becomes Main Export Market For Portuguese Wine

The US has become the largest export destination for Portuguese wines, replacing long-time leader Angola.

Last year, sales to the North American market grew more than 8% to about €74.8 million. This performance helped offset a €40 million drop in exports to the Angolan market, according to Jorge Monteiro, president of Viniportugal, reports daily Jornal de Negocios.

In 2016, Portuguese wine sales to Angola totalled €33 million, down 54%, while for the past two years exports fell by €65 million. However, this was offset by growth in almost all other markets, adds Monteiro, pointing out that the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, China, Poland and Japan were the countries that stood out the most in terms of growth in this period.

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