Defesa White 2015

A wine with a contemporary style with an elegant and intense profile. Demonstarating the unique character of the selected vineyards from the Estate.
Defesas were large demarcated estates that were protected (or defended) from grazing cattle from other areas. Examples of early agro-forestry and pastoralist systems, defesas had a variety of uses. Deriving from the Mediterranean forest, at the time of the founders, the defesas reclaimed land from forests for the purpose of pasture and are directly linked to the founding of Portugal during the Christian reconquest of the south.
Defesa do Esporão was one of the key examples of this type of estate linked to the founding of Portugal. Its boundaries, which were established in the late-13th century by a charter kept at Torre do Tombo national archive, have remained unchangend until today.
For centuries, the estate has employed agro-forestry and pastoralist methods based on the preservation of biodiversity and a multifunctional system that Esporão considers best practice to protect our ecosystem

Tasting Notes Intense citrus aromas with notes of grapefruit and fresh pear. Rich fruit flavours, elegant style, balanced with charming persistent
Vinification/Maturation Destemming, must chilling, skin maceration, pneumatic pressing, cold settling, fermentation temperature control with selected yeast inoculation in stainless steel tanks, centrifuging, fining, cold stabilization and filtration.
Technical info BOTTLING February 2016 TOTAL ACIDITY 6.8 g/l PH 3.2 REDUCING SUGAR 1.9 g/
Wine Maker David Baverstock & Sandra Alves

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Dão Region

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Age of Vines

18 years


Granite/schist rock with clay/loam soil
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