Herdade do Grous ‘Moon Harvested’

The effects of many environmental factors on plant productivity are well known and understood-temperature, rainfall, soil type etc.
Also well known, is the powerful affect of the moon on the earth as illustrated by the rise and fall of the seas of the world – the moon tides.
What has been suspected but hitherto not at all understood is the very
significant effect of lunar forces on the biosphere in general and plants in particular.
A new technology has now been developed based on 30 years of observation and research on this subject. It accurately predicts time-related variations in plant potency and quality in relation to these lunar forces. Its application relates to the timely harvesting of any plant in a particular global location, within both a ‘daily’ cycle and a ‘monthly’ cycle. A study was done by making 2 identical batches of wine, one using grapes that were picked following the moon cycle chart, and one with normal harvesting, the moon harvested batch was so uniquely different that it was decided not to blend them and the Moon Harvested wine was born.

Tasting Notes Deep concentrated ruby colour. A complexarray of aromas including dark berries, leather and spice with wellintegrated oak notes. Full-flavoured and round with seductively silky and mature tannins.
Vinification/Maturation The grapes are hand-picked in the cycle of greater influence of the moon in the sap transport. Once arrived at the winery, the grapes are hand selected. The fermentation and the maceration take place in “lagares”. The end of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation happen in new French oak barrels, ageing there for 12 months.
Technical info Total Acidity (g/L): 5,5 pH: 3,56 Total Sugar (g/L): 0,7

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Magnesian sedimentary loam soils, rangingfrom sandy-loam to clay-loam with marked horizons. Many areas comprise soilswith laminar clay-schist-like characteristics
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