Quinta das Bageiras Garrafiera White

At Quinta das Bágeiras we look for above all quality and character. To find this, we adopted a minimalist approach to oenology, creating wines that are as natural as possible, so they can express the terroir where they were born. Quinta das Bágeiras wines have great longevity in common, whether it be red, white or sparkling.

Vinification/Maturation The Quinta das Bágeiras white Garrafiera is made from grapes that come from vineyards over 75 years old. Open top fermentation with the must being placed in small decanters of 1m³ in size, where it remains for 24 to 36 hours to allow decanting through natural precipitation. At the end of this process, the must is transferred to used wooden barrels, where hundreds of fermentations have already taken place. It is bottled without any type of filtration and the wine is not always bottled in the same month. We let the wine tell us when it is ready for bottling, instead of forcing it.
Wine Maker Mário Sérgio
Dão Region

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Age of Vines

Over 75 yrs old


Clay and limestone
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