Quinta das Bageiras Grand Reserve Brut

At Quinta das Bágeiras we look for above all quality and character. To find this, we adopted a minimalist approach to oenology, creating wines that are as natural as possible, so they can express the terroir where they were born. Quinta das Bágeiras wines have great longevity in common, whether it be red, white or sparkling.

Tasting Notes For the first time this wine is made with Maria Gomes and Baga. It shows a beautiful presence of fruit, with pretty lemonade notes, and a light vegetal touch to give it depth.
Vinification/Maturation Made with the grapes from our best vineyards and those with a natural higher acidity. Open top fermentation, the must is than placed in small decanters, 1m³, where it remains for 24 to 36 hours to decant through natural precipitation. At the end of this process, the must is transferred to stainless steel tanks where it is goes through cooled temperature control fermentation. The grapes are carefully watched and harvested at the correct time to ensure balance between acidity and alcohol. The base for the sparkling wine is usually created in the March of the previous vintage and, in the case of the Grande Reserve, it ages in the cellar for 48 months before disgorgement. The brut is made following traditional methóde classique, including remuage done by hand in pupitres (wooden frames). With some degree of aging, this sparkling wine is produced only in vintages of exceptional quality.
Wine Maker Mário Sérgio
Dão Region

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Alcohol By Volume


Age of Vines

75 yrs old


Clay and sand
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