Quinta das Bageiras Garrafiera Red 2011

At Quinta das Bágeiras we look for above all quality and character. To find this, we adopted a minimalist approach to oenology, creating wines that are as natural as possible, so they can express the terroir where they were born. Quinta das Bágeiras wines have great longevity in common, whether it be red, white or sparkling.

Tasting Notes Compact, with a solid structure and powerful tannins, a lot of freshness and complexity, a great expression of caste and terroir.
Vinification/Maturation Fermented between 5 and 8 days in open lagares, without destemming (the berries are not removed from the bunch). Reassembly is done with wood masses several times a day until the desired intensity is reached. Afterwards, the wine finishes fermentation in used wooden barrels. During the resting phase, the wine is cleaned and remains in the same barrels for about 18 months and then bottled without filtration. The entire process is done by hand and only produced in years of exceptional quality.
Wine Maker Mário Sérgio
Dão Region

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Age of Vines

Over 90 yrs old


Clay and sand
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