Aguardente Bagaceira

São Domingos Bagaceira is made with fresh pomace from red grapes, that undergo fermentation with the skins . The careful selection of the pomace, as well as the careful process of steam distillation, using copper stills,
enables us to obtain a product of exceptional quality, recognized by the most demanding consumers, with a
flavor and aroma that clearly reveals its raw material: Very popular ask for “an expresso coffee and a São
Domingos, please!”

Tasting Notes Entoxicating grape pomace aroma with fresh fruit notes in a delicate and elegant floral background. Powerful in the mouth, that is complex with a smooth finish.
Vinification/Maturation Kept in vat since distillation till bottling period. For immediate consumption.
Technical info Methanol - < 500 Total Dry Extract - 0,1 Total Sugar - < 7 g/L Total Acidity - < 80 g/L
Wine Maker Susana Pinho
Dão Region

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